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Stairway Lifts – Gains and Features

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This information offers a brief review the benefits that step lifts can consult on their users. Step lifts, in various documents have been around for a few years; King Henry a Eighth was perceived as a user and additionally there is some information for human in addition to animal powered hoists being employed in a comparable capacity from the final century BC.

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Overall flexibility & Choice

The well known items benefit of stair lifting is to get a traveler up and down stairs. Past this purely real benefit is their particular ability to offer their own users freedom along with choice, the versatility to move around ones own existing home together with make a move away avoidable, and the choice in which to stay their home or amongst their choosing.

Those who develop mobility problems have often needed move away from your existing home being the stairs have become much too difficult to conquer or had their particular choice of new house severely limited to 1 stories buildings. A good well tailored stairway lift solution may give this choice spine. You are no longer met with a move far from familiarity, friends and family as well as a reduced list of homes options.

Stair elevates also offer a advantage to the relatives within the user – reassurance. They are great safety and health devices, safely moving it around a passenger around the stair not having incident.

Many clients of lifts will move around their home by using relative ease nonetheless, worryingly for loved ones members, find the stairs exactly that bit more difficult. Inside older houses stairway can be narrower and additionally steeper offing more challenges to people who have mobility problems in addition to again, additional issues for concerned kinfolk. A well established, well maintained boost can offer the peace of mind that a relative takes the stairs in safety, every time.


However , how do stair comes work and what exactly features can you to perform find on one? Elements obviously vary relating to models and producers, but here is a essential run-down of the most useful ones entirely looking for.

Firstly, some stair or seat lifts are very flexible and can be fixed onto any stairs, whether it’s straight, steep, spiral or even out-of-doors. A stairlift, inside the most basic terms, is a chair this runs on a observe, precisely following the to line of the stairs.

Stairlifts are powered simply by electricity. Many versions these days come suited with a battery back-up that is on steady charge. This means that that stair lift should be considered even in a strength cut. Although power-cuts are not common situations, for stair elevate users the ability to rise the stairs isn’t something you can do with no. Bathrooms and a bedroom are often located your and any disruption in the power cause an uncomfortable wait for the owner.

A hand influence, integral joystick or simply buttons are used to go the lift straight the stairs. If perhaps for some reason you are not on a single level as the move – it can be named using controls from either the top and bottom of the stairs – a great include to ensure you can do not be stranded.

One more safety feature on some stair lift up models is the rotate chair. While the step lift is upgrading and down this stairs, it face directly away from your wall. When the end user is getting on and also off the chair, that turns 90 levels and locks, so the person can carefully dismount, facing from the stairs.

Seating belts are also covered, which are vital designed for safety, and often your sensor that registers objects in the journey of the stair boost. Many lifts possess up to six detectors to pick up objects of which block the way and forestall damage to the buggy. Sensors are also accessible that limit a speed of the stairlift and ensure a good smooth ride. A ride will change from model to brand, so try a couple out to find that suits you best.

One other important feature to watch out for is a lockout swap that stops the application being operated by way of anyone who is not really supposed to. A stairway lift can be a tantalizing prospect for a young lad and this mechanism makes sure they cannot operate this and potentially harm themselves.

Look moreover for lifts concentrating on 24 volts DC, meaning that there’s no fret over electric bumps.

Which Stairlift?

Right now you know a little within the features available you could start looking at different models. The on-line world is a great place to start. One can find comprehensive information on type features on most brand name websites.

So , of which model of stair elevate should you choose? To provide a rapid overview – step lift models in general fall into two extended categories, straight along with curved. Straight brands are made for steps with no bends or even half-landings. They are usually incredibly easier to install and price less than curved different types.

If your staircase has got bends, corners or simply half-landings, you’ll need a bias stairlift. Your stairlift rails will need to become custom-built to ensure a fantastic fit to your stairways. This level of creating to order means that curved types are more expensive to find.

Reconditioned models can be quite a cheaper alternative to completely new stair lifts however , might not contain each of the features of the new choices. Re-conditioned models tend to be fully refurbished utilized lifts and as a result will not be as feature-packed like totally new models. Only just ask the manufacturer in a full feature catalog.


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